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09 Jul

Hepatitis C, even with cirrhosis of the liver today is not a sentence. Antiviral complex drug Velpanat from a well-known manufacturer of Epclusa cost in India, Natco gives hope for a complete recovery to patients whose treatment was previously considered difficult. The medicine is completely identical to the original (it does not contain cheap low-quality additives), it is reliably protected from counterfeiting: each tablet has a specific label, the bottle is sealed and has a convenient valve for delivering the medicine. A hologram and trademark mark are applied to the package.

Who is advisable to order Velpanat

Each tablet of Velpanat contains 400 mg of sofosbuvir and 100 mg of velpatvir. The combination of active substances in this dosage is effective for the treatment of hepatitis C 1-6th virus genotypes, which makes it universal. The drug showed high efficacy (up to 98% of SVR after one course of therapy) in the diagnosis of "uncomplicated hepatitis C" in acute or chronic form, provided that the previous treatment did not lead to the reactivation of HCV and it is not prone to increased mutation.

In 83% of cases, Velpanat was able to cure patients with compensated cirrhosis caused by the “gentle killer” action. Medical practice has proven that the sofosbuvir + velpatasvir scheme is effective even in decompensated form of cirrhosis (in combination with ribavirin).

How does the drug

Sofosbuvir, part of the generic, is the main inhibitor of viral RNA polymerase. Since the virus "multiplies" by replication (copying the modified portions of the RNA chain), the active substance "stitches" the nucleotide regions, preventing hepatitis C from reproducing itself. Result: the spread of pathology is prevented, the activity of the virus is reduced, which leads to its death.

Characteristics of HCV - destroys the nuclei of healthy cells, which complicates the regeneration of the liver. Velpatasvir blocks the NS5A enzyme, which penetrates into hepatocytes and contributes to their destruction. As a result, the virus is less likely to "penetrate" into a healthy cell, and the liver has the necessary time to recover.

The course of treatment of hepatitis C "Velapant": the main advantages

The main advantage of the Indian drug is that with high reliability (and Natco has an impeccable reputation and an excellent quality control system) the drug is cheap enough to buy Velpanat patients with low income. Also among the advantages of medication:

  1. Combined form, respectively, less stress on the liver, stomach and pancreas.
  2. Acceptable terms of treatment for hepatitis C. In 85% of cases, recovery can be achieved after a 12-week course of pills, in difficult situations it is necessary to extend the therapy to 24 weeks.
  3. Versatility. Since the drug destroys the virus of all known genotypes, you can bypass the stage of testing for genotyping.
  4. Save time. You do not need to visit a doctor for treatment, as with interferon injections, the tablets are taken independently 1 time per day.
  5. Virtually no contraindications. Velpanatom therapy is not recommended for people with individual intolerance to sof + led, minors, pregnant and lactating women. The drug is non-toxic, does not adversely affect the body, so the list of "prohibitions" is reduced.
  6. Minimal side effects. When taking Velpanat, it is easy to keep your usual way of life; no major changes in health status have been identified. Rarely (in 100% of cases) nausea, dizziness, general weakness and fatigue, bowel disorder are observed.

Generics Velpanat in India are deservedly in demand among carriers of hepatitis C, which leads to the appearance of low-quality "duplicates" on the market. Remember that only Velpanat retains all the claimed benefits, so check the certificates of conformity and guarantee the correct transportation of the drug before purchasing. No desire to risk health and money? You can place an order through the form of our website and get Velpanat at an affordable price , in operational terms and with a guarantee of quality.

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